Welcome to CRAWL's new Halo Divsion

We currently play Halo I for the PC & Mac. We will be moving over to Halo II as soon as Microsoft pull their finger out.

For now we concentrate on good teamplay with focus on improving general skills and then divergance into specialist areas such as, Gunner, Driver, Pilot, Sniper, Artillery & Special Ops.

If you wish to join CRAWL HALO DIVISION, please sign up & contact us through "New Recruits" on the CRAWL Forums under Officers Mess.

Our CRAWL HALO DIVISION server is currently on ip:

The server Code of Conduct:

1: Any act of sabotage to aid the opposition be it, team killing, reconaissance, inactivity or any other unfairness will result in yourself being kicked or banned from the server.

2: Any deliberate use of abusive remarks, profanity and bad attitude towards any other players on the server could result in yourself being kicked or banned from the server.

3: Any use of GFX wrappers, texture alteration, aimbots, speedbots, lagdefensebots, map object hacks and any other cheats will be met with an instant ban, please do not cheat here we will catch you. Hax killed Quake we don't want it to happen to Halo just because some people are too crap to develop skill.

4: If you feel you have been kicked/banned or accidentally banned for some reason you can forward a case within our forums.

5: If you are idle on the server, you will be warned once to start playing, if no reply is met you will be kicked.

6: Please respect player skill levels by keeping the teams with equal number of players so no unfair advantage is held by a specific team.